Best Raw Dog Food For Cane Corso

7 Best Raw Dog Food For Cane Corso [Puppy, Senior, Adult 2023]

Many individuals who care for Cane Corsos are opting to use top-rated raw dog food brands for their furry companion’s nutritional needs.

While kibble may be the more convenient choice, it often lacks the protein and nutrients that dogs require for optimal health.

Raw dog food is a type of diet that can help maintain your Cane Corso’s physical well-being while also pleasing even the pickiest of eaters.

Nonetheless, transitioning to raw dog food necessitates some research to guarantee that you select a recipe that is perfect for your Cane Corso’s specific requirements.

Take into account your Cane Corso’s weight, existing medical conditions, allergies, and preferences when deciding which type of raw food to provide them with.

What does Raw Dog Food Entail?

The phrase “raw dog food” typically pertains to any variety of dog food that makes use of uncooked, raw ingredients, such as meat, organs, bones, fruits, and vegetables. It is fashioned to imitate the high-protein diets that Cane Corso’s ancestors followed.

In their natural habitats, it is typical for canines to consume entire animals after hunting them, including the bones. As such, the ancestors of Cane Corsos ate a diet that was abundant in protein with minimal carbohydrates.

Although dogs have come a long way since their days in the wild, they still benefit from consuming diets that are rich in real meat.

The majority of Cane Corso owners feed their dog’s dry food, which is abundant in carbohydrates to give it its characteristic crunchy texture and lengthen its shelf life.

Kibble often contains more carbs than what dogs are naturally inclined to consume, which can lead to weight gain and other health concerns in certain instances.

Consequently, many Cane Corso owners are now experimenting with raw dog food to offer their pets meals that are richer in real, nutrient-dense animal products.

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Best Raw Dog Food For Cane Corso

  1. Darwin’s Natural Raw Pet Products
  2. We Feed Raw Dog Food
  3. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food
  4. Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Meals Dog Food
  5. Open Farm Freeze Dried Raw Dry Dog Food
  6. Sojos Complete Turkey Recipe Adult Raw Dog Food
  7. Wysong Archetype Chicken Raw Dog Food

1. Darwin’s Natural Raw Pet Products

Darwin’s Natural Raw Pet Products

Darwin’s, a raw dog food brand, specializes in serving Cane Corso breeds and stands out as one of the leading raw dog food delivery services in the market.

As a prerequisite, customers are required to complete a detailed questionnaire regarding their Cane Corso, following which the company provides recommendations for the most suitable raw food to match the pup’s specific requirements.

The food is shipped straight to the customer’s doorstep at no additional expense, though the product comes frozen and must be thawed in the refrigerator overnight before serving.

The company provides three distinct categories of raw formulas: Natural Selections, BioLogics, and Intelligent Design.

Natural Selections consist of organic vegetables and free-range meats, whereas BioLogic utilizes conventionally sourced ingredients at a more affordable cost.

On the other hand, Intelligent Design offers formulas that cater to specific health conditions. The company has several protein options to choose from, including chicken, duck, turkey, beef, and lamb, and canine nutritionists have played an integral role in formulating these recipes.

Darwin’s offers balanced raw diets in easily accessible, user-friendly packaging that many Cane Corso parents appreciate.

The company’s food is high in animal protein, with over 70% protein in every meal, and ships throughout the United States, though it is unavailable in pet stores.

The brand has been especially popular amongst Cane Corso owners with allergies. However, the only drawback is that Darwin’s food is more expensive than other well-known raw food brands.

  • Provides custom feeding plans
  • Features a diverse selection of meal options
  • Enables customers to select from different ingredient-sourcing options
  • Complimentary doorstep delivery
  • Beneficial for Cane Corso breeds with allergies
  • Formulated with input from canine nutritionists
  • No Any

2. We Feed Raw Dog Food

We Feed Raw Dog Food

We Feed Raw, a company specializing in dog food, tailors their meal plans to meet the individual needs of your Cane Corso.

To create a personalized feeding plan, the company requires you to answer a series of questions about your dog, which include inquiries about your pet’s breed, weight, age, allergies, and current diet. Based on your responses, the company then recommends an ideal food plan for your Cane Corso.

This particular company offers raw dog food in various protein sources, including but not limited to chicken, beef, turkey, duck, lamb, and venison.

The formulations are created by a Ph.D. animal nutritionist with over 30 years of experience in the field. All the formulas are protein-rich, which means that the primary four to five ingredients are derived from authentic animal products. The company only sources meat from farms in the United States and New Zealand.

We Feed Raw is committed to providing its customers with high-quality products, and they achieve this by exclusively using USDA-certified and human-grade meats.

Furthermore, the company provides free shipping to your door, which is available to all the contiguous 48 states in the United States.

The food is delivered cold and fresh, and it can stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to four days. It can also be stored in the freezer for up to six months.

  • Provides personalized feeding plans for your dog’s individual needs
  • Free shipping to your doorstep
  • Suitable for Cane Corso with allergies
  • Only uses human-grade meats
  • Formulated by a Ph.D. animal nutritionist with over 30 years of experience in the industry
  • No Any

3. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

If your aim is to evade the responsibility of completing a survey or entering into a subscription for unrefined sustenance for your Cane Corso, then Stella & Chewy’s presents a more convenient alternative.

Their raw sustenance is packaged in the form of frozen patties, ensuring that its shelf life is prolonged while still retaining the nutrients of raw food.

A plethora of protein options, ranging from chicken, lamb, pork, rabbit, beef, turkey, and venison, are proffered by the corporation.

The patties’ packaging simplifies the process of portioning out your Cane Corso meals. Although it is possible to serve the freeze-dried patties as-is, it is recommended by Stella & Chewy’s that they be rehydrated to provide your pet with an additional source of moisture.

The method of rehydration involves breaking down the patties into smaller pieces, to which 1/4 cup of water is added for every two patties. The patties can function as complete meals, although several pet owners choose to employ them as meal enhancers.

The composition of the formula is 95% meat, organs, and bones, while also including organic vegetables and fruits. The components used can serve to improve skin and fur health, cardiovascular health, and digestion.

The patties are devoid of grains to accommodate Cane Corsos with allergies. The company’s products can be found in pet supply stores across the United States, while the food itself is produced in United States-based facilities.

  • Simple to divide
  • Effortless to store
  • Numerous methods of service
  • Beneficial for Cane Corso with allergies
  • Abundance of choices
  • No Any

4. Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Meals Dog Food

Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Meals Dog Food

Instinct provides one of the finest freeze-dried raw diets for Cane Corso, owing to its convenience. The product comprises small, freeze-dried pellets that are similar in size to kibble pieces.

You can feed the pellets as they are, or you can add warm water to them, which helps ensure that your pup receives sufficient moisture. These freeze-dried pellets can be served as a complete meal or as a food topper.

The formula consists of 85% meat, organs, and bones, with the remaining portion consisting of non-GMO fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals.

Despite the kibble-like appearance, this Cane Corso food is never cooked and is processed minimally to preserve its nutrients. All dog food is produced in kitchens in the United States. This food is available in beef, chicken, or lamb varieties.

Freeze-dried raw meals are more popular, but frozen raw meals are also available. For those who are not prepared to switch entirely to raw food, Instinct offers “Raw Boost” recipes, which are kibble mixed with freeze-dried raw pieces.

  • Easy to store
  • Various serving options are available
  • Ideal for Cane Corso with allergies
  • Other types of raw food are also available
  • No Any

5. Open Farm Freeze Dried Raw Dry Dog Food

Open Farm Freeze Dried Raw Dry Dog Food

Open Farm provides a broad spectrum of nutritionally-balanced victuals for Cane Corso, including dry, wet, fresh, and raw comestibles.

Their unprocessed, freeze-dried fare is meticulously manufactured to facilitate effortless storage and serving of the nosh to your pooch. Such an option, akin to other freeze-dried products, can serve as a full-fledged meal or a condiment.

Nevertheless, since freeze-dried raw cuisine is relatively pricey, a considerable number of pet proprietors opt to amalgamate it with kibble to save some bucks.

The freeze-dried morsels resemble kibble in size, hence making them ready for consumption by merely dispensing them from the packaging.

If your Cane Corso is not taking in adequate fluid, fret not, as you can administer warm water alongside the food. However, be sure to provide your hound with clean water within reach while they dine.

There are six distinct assortments of raw food available, including surf & turf, grass-fed beef, pasture-raised lamb, homestead turkey, harvest chicken, and farmer’s table pork.

Each recipe comprises meat sourced from humanely-reared animals, coupled with organically-grown fruits and vegetables. Additionally, Open Farm’s website furnishes the sources of all ingredients utilized in each formula.

  • Effortless to stow away
  • Multiple serving options
  • Beneficial for Cane Corso with allergies
  • Numerous protein alternatives
  • Ingredient sourcing is listed on the website
  • No Any

6. Sojos Complete Turkey Recipe Adult Raw Dog Food

Sojos Complete Turkey Recipe Adult Raw Dog Food

Sojos has created raw dog food that offers complete raw meals in a convenient form. Their formulas are tailored to suit Cane Corsos of varying ages, sizes, and breeds.

They presently offer a selection of five formulas consisting of turkey, beef, lamb, chicken, and senior turkey & salmon. Furthermore, they offer “Mix-a-Meal” formulas that are designed to be used as raw dog food toppers.

In order to serve this meal, the correct amount of food and water must be mixed and measured as per the instructions on the package.

The food must then be allowed to soak in the water for a period of 15 minutes before being served to your Cane Corso. It is true that the preparation time is slightly longer than that of other brands; however, the additional soaking helps activate the nutrients and enzymes in the food. A single pound of Sojos dog food can yield up to five pounds of food when rehydrated.

Sojos has created ingredient lists that are short and sweet to avoid allergic reactions in dogs. The USDA-approved animal protein is combined with human-grade, air-dried fruits and vegetables. All the formulas are produced in kitchens in the United States.

  • Sojos’ dog food are numerous
  • Rehydrating the food activates the nutrients
  • Wide range of options offered by Sojos
  • This food is great for Cane Corso with allergies
  • No Any

7. Wysong Archetype Chicken Raw Dog Food

Wysong Archetype Chicken Raw Dog Food

Wysong proffers a variety of distinct categories of raw sustenance for the Cane Corso. Among them is their foundational raw cuisine, the Archetype, which comprises a sack of lyophilized raw dog fodder that necessitates rehydration before serving.

For clients who desire larger quantities, some Archetype food recipes are also obtainable in the form of patties. Additionally, they vend “UnCanny” recipes of moist food, tailored to blend with the Archetype formulations.

This label’s raw fare is obtainable in several flavors, namely chicken, rabbit, quail, and beef. All preferences possess lofty quantities of inherent protein and fat.

In addition, they are endowed with vegetal nutrients, prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. These raw dog food choices, classified as “Non-Thermal,” are designed to imitate your Cane Corso’s traditional diet by prioritizing elevated protein.

The sustenance is retailed in small containers, which preserve nutrients, hence it can serve as a superlative food garnish if you prefer not to utilize it as a meal.

In case you are fond of this brand, but your Cane Corso is not a devotee of their raw chow, they also possess formulas for both wet and dry food. All goods can be procured via online means or obtained from particular pet supply stores.

  • Several choices of raw dog food alternatives
  • Comprises ample nutrients
  • Packing conserves nutrients
  • Beneficial for Cane Corso with hypersensitivity
  • Various methods to serve the food
  • No Any


Choosing the optimal raw food for your Cane Corso is a critical decision that directly affects their health and well-being. A raw diet can yield numerous benefits including enhanced digestion, amplified vigor, improved coat, and skin condition, and strengthened immune function.

The key to choosing the appropriate raw diet for your Cane Corso is to select a superior quality product that meets their specific nutritional requirements and does not contain deleterious additives and fillers.

It is also crucial to seek guidance from a veterinarian or canine nutrition expert to ensure that your dog’s particular dietary needs are being met.

With comprehensive research and proper guidance, the implementation of a raw diet can be a highly effective strategy for enhancing the overall health and longevity of your beloved Cane Corso.


What is raw dog food for Cane Corso?

Raw dog food for Cane Corso is a type of dog food that consists of raw meat, bones, organs, and vegetables. It is meant to mimic the natural diet of dogs in the wild.

Is raw dog food a good choice for my Cane Corso?

Raw dog food can be a good choice for Cane Corso dogs, as they have a natural instinct to eat raw meat. However, it is important to consult with your veterinarian before making any dietary changes for your pet.

What are the benefits of feeding my Cane Corso raw dog food?

The benefits of feeding your Cane Corso raw dog food can include improved digestion, healthier skin and coat, and increased energy and vitality.

What are the best types of raw dog food for Cane Corso?

The best types of raw dog food for Cane Corso will contain a variety of raw meats, bones, organs, and vegetables. Some popular options include chicken, beef, lamb, and fish.

Can I make my own raw dog food for my Cane Corso?

Yes, you can make your own raw dog food for your Cane Corso, but it is important to ensure that the diet is balanced and contains all of the necessary nutrients your dog needs. Consult with a veterinarian or canine nutritionist to develop a balanced recipe.

How much raw dog food should I feed my Cane Corso?

The amount of raw dog food you should feed your Cane Corso will depend on their size, age, and activity level. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate feeding amount.

Are there any risks associated with feeding my Cane Corso raw dog food?

Raw dog food can carry a risk of bacterial contamination, so it is important to handle and store the food properly. It is also important to consult with your veterinarian to ensure that your dog’s diet is balanced and meets all of its nutritional needs.

Can I mix raw dog food with kibble?

Yes, you can mix raw dog food with kibble. However, it is important to ensure that the two types of food are compatible and that the combined diet is balanced and meets all of your dog’s nutritional needs. Consult with your veterinarian or a canine nutritionist to develop an appropriate feeding plan.

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